Natural Peach Moonstone Wand

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Looking for a powerful stone to help manifest your dreams?

Moonstone is known as a powerful stone for manifesting desires and goals. It helps you connect with your intuition and guides you on your journey.

This peach moonstone wand has a smooth feel and polished surface. It will help unleash your inner creativity and guide you in your journey. With this wand in hand, you can Manifest your dreams into reality!

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This is a beautiful peach moonstone wand. Moonstone is known for its strong connection to the moon. It is a stone of intuition and guidance and is useful for prophetic dreams. Peach moonstone is especially beneficial for new beginnings, helping you to manifest your goals and desires. This wand would be perfect for anyone looking to connect with their intuition and Manifest their dreams into reality!

How Is This Peach Moonstone Wand Sold?

This peach moonstone wand is a natural product. Therefore, size, shape, and color may vary and your order MAY NOT match those pictured.

We sell this wand in two different size groups.

  • Small – 4 to 5 mm in length
  • Large – 6 to 7 mm in length

You can buy them either individually or as a pair.


This product requires longer shipping times. Please expect 30 to 40 days for shipping.

What Is A Peach Moonstone Wand?

A peach moonstone wand is a type of healing tool created from natural stones and crystals. It is believed to help bring peace, calmness, and balance to the user, as well as promote spiritual growth and emotional healing. The wand is typically composed of natural crystals or stones which are all known for their healing qualities. These stones are believed to help the user access higher realms of healing and spiritual growth, allowing for deeper levels of understanding and insight.

How Can You Use A Peach Moonstone Wand?

The peach moonstone wand is most often used in meditation, healing rituals, or spiritual practices to help access higher planes of consciousness. The wand is believed to help heal the body, mind, and spirit on all levels. It can be used to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in any space. The wand can also be used to channel healing energy into an individual or group, helping to clear away blocks and limiting beliefs.

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The wand is polished and has a smooth feel. It has a special energy that will help guide you in your journey. The beautiful peach color of the moonstone will also allow you to feel connected to the universe. With this wand in hand, you can unleash your inner creativity and manifest your dreams into reality!

Use this wand to connect with your intuition and trust in the Universe. Let it open up new possibilities for you, and help you to reach your goals and desires. Trust in yourself, the Universe, and this beautiful wand to help you manifest your dreams into reality!

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Large – 6 to 7 mm, Small – 4 to 5 mm


1pc, 2pc


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