8 Benefits of Opalite You Should Know About

1. Opalite Symbolizes Youthfulness and Playfulness

Opalite will make you feel light of heart, energized, and playful. It is a great crystal to choose if you just want to feel like a kid again.

2. Blue and White Opalites Promote Peace, Tranquility, and Purity

A crystal’s color has much to do with its healing properties and chakras (more on opalite chakras later). For example, a blue and white opalite encourages tranquil and calming feelings. This makes the crystal great for anxious people.

3. Opalite Increases Resilience and Self-Assurance

Resilience is the quality of people who get right back up after a setback. Self-assurance is the quality of those who are confident in their abilities and who they are as a person. And opalite improves both of these feelings.

4. People Who Have Suffered Traumas Can Benefit from Opalite

One of the best health benefits of opalite is that it can aid people who have experienced significant life traumas. The emotional suffering that occurs because of these traumas can also benefit from opalite’s properties.

5. Opalite Is Helpful for Meditation

Opalite encourages the proper flow of breath through the body. It also helps to clear the mind. And both of these features make opalite an excellent tool to help with meditation, mindfulness, and even yoga.

6. Sleep More Soundly With Opalite

The relaxing and peaceful characteristics of opalite are not the only reason this gemstone can help you sleep. Opalite also chases away nightmares and regulates your heart rate.

7. Opalite Is Associated With the Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Opalite connects to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. The former helps to improve self-awareness and intuition. Meanwhile, the latter helps with psychic abilities, spirituality, and other ways of knowing the external world.

8. Blue Opalites Open Up the Throat Chakra

Blue opalite connects to the third eye, crown, and throat chakras. The throat chakra is known for its association with interpersonal connections. It can also make you feel more willing to express yourself, especially to your loved ones.